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Name: Cliff Davis
Expertise:SOC, SOC Assessments (system & workforce) to Ensure Core Comptencies Among Direct Care & Supervisory Staff Across Public Systems
Bio: Mr. Cliff Davis served in many different roles over a 40 year career including investigating child abuse allegations and providing case management for children in foster home placements; serving as clinical director for eleven years for a community agency providing treatment services for persons with substance abuse disorders and for adolescents experiencing mental health disturbances; designing and implementing a centralized intake program for adolescents and their families, which served as that community’s precursor to a system of care; and serving for six years as Ohio’s director of children’s mental health services for the state department of mental health working under the leadership of Michael Hogan. In that position Mr. Davis was the project director for one of the first grants awarded under the federal Children’s Mental Health Initiative, overseeing, in part, the infamous Stark County System of Care. Mr. Davis also served a two-year term as chair of the State Mental Health Representatives for Children and Youth (SMHRCY), during which the organization brought in family members as regular and active participants in all of the group’s deliberations. For the past sixteen years, Mr. Davis has provided consultation services to 29 states and numerous communities on system of care development. He is also a parent of a son who faced mental health challenges during childhood and adolescence and a grandparent of a granddaughter who faced similar challenges. He has been actively involved in community-based care systems in all of his roles, emphasizing consumer/family-driven approaches, diversion from institutional care, strengths-based care planning and delivery, and meaningful engagement with families.