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Adam Becenti
Name: Adam Becenti
Title:Community Development Specialist
Phone:503-224-4044 ext. 135
Expertise:tribal outreach/engagement, policy
Topics: Population/Setting* (REQUIRED FIELD)
State: Oregon
Bio: Raised in New Mexico, Adam Becenti is of the Black Streaked Wood People Clan, born for the Sleep Rock People of the Diné Nation. Adam brings a wide breadth of tribal outreach/engagement experience and policy knowledge. Adam has served Indian Country in various capacities such as Cultural Coordinator/Tribal Liaison for a Native American youth treatment program. Adam currently serves as Community Development Specialist at the National Indian Child Welfare Association. Adam holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and ethnic studies from the University of Colorado @ Boulder and a master’s of public policy from the Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.