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Alice Topaloff
Name: Alice Topaloff
Title:Office and Operations Manager
Expertise:Y-VAL, Evaluation/CQI, Creating a new chapter
Topics: Evaluation CQI & Research
State: National
Bio: Alice joined Youth MOVE National in January 2017 as the Office and Operations Manager. She provides administrative and operational support to ensure efficient operation of the YMN virtual offices. Alice was born and raised in France, where she studied food and agriculture systems. Prior to joining Youth MOVE National, she helped grow the Local Foods program at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach from 3 to 15 staff members. While working at ISU, she co-led a gardening program at a women’s prison, got a Mental Health First Aid certificate, and expanded her interest in mental health and systems of care. Alice believes systems change happen from the ground up, and is excited to support YMN’s mission from the backend so folks can transform passion into action.