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Bruce Kamradt
Name: Bruce Kamradt
Title:Children's Mental Health Consultant
Expertise:Designing, Developing SOC Specifically the CME Model; Financing Strategies; QA/QI, IT
Topics: Child Welfare
Juvenile Justice
Mental Health
SOC Infrastructure Governance & Collaboration
Transition Age Youth
State: Guam,Ohio,Utah,Texas,Hawaii,Oregon,Florida,Georgia,Wyoming,Colorado,Illinois,Kentucky,Maryland,Michigan,Nebraska,New York,Oklahoma,Virginia,Louisiana,Minnesota,California,New Jersey,New Mexico,Washington,Connecticut,Rhode Island,Massachusetts,New Hampshire,North Carolina,South Carolina,District of Columbia,Northern Mariana Islands
Bio: Recently retired as founder and Director of Wraparound Milwaukee. I am currently working with the TA Network on children's mental health as an expert consultant for several grant sites. Also working with the Alliance for children and Families on health care disparities and integration of primary and behavioral health. Wraparound Milwaukee has been the national model in children's mental health recognized by the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental health and was the 2009-10 Harvard University-Kennedy School of Government's winner of the Best Innovation in American Government. This program has been operational for 20 years and has been a leader in how to develop care management modals, in pooled funding across systems including Child Welfare, Juvenile justice and Medicaid, has been a leader in developing large provider networks, creating a county wide 24/7 mobile crisis/crisis stabilization system and developing strong QA/QI and outcome measurement systems. I have worked with many communities, states and other countries on developing the wraparound model and care management systems and have authored many articles on the lessons learned from my 20 years in developing, managing and sustaining a system of care that now serves over 1200 families daily and pools over $50 million annually.