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Name: JoAnn Cerda
Title:Field Supervisor
Expertise:Working with youth and families that identify in the LGBTQ + community or families who may need support in being supportive, accepting, and affirming.
State: Guam,Iowa,Ohio,Utah,Idaho,Maine,Palau,Texas,Alaska,Hawaii,Kansas,Nevada,Oregon,Alabama,Arizona,Florida,Georgia,Indiana,Montana,Vermont,Wyoming,Arkansas,Colorado,Delaware,Illinois,Kentucky,Maryland,Michigan,Missouri,Nebraska,New York,Oklahoma,Virginia,Louisiana,Minnesota,Tennessee,California,New Jersey,New Mexico,Washington,Connecticut,Mississippi,Puerto Rico,North Dakota,Pennsylvania,Rhode Island,South Dakota,Massachusetts,New Hampshire,American Samoa,North Carolina,South Carolina,US Virgin Islands,District of Columbia,Northern Mariana Islands
Bio: JoAnn Cerda is a native of California and has lived in Los Angeles, California since 1981. Since 2012, JoAnn has been the Field Supervisor for the Care Coordination Team with the RISE program. Her cultural background and focus on community collaboration has led her to a number of opportunities to engage with families in guiding them through the work of becoming building support and understanding around LGBTQ + specifics. Through JoAnn's work she has also been able to train folks who work for systems of care.