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John Ossowski
Name: John Ossowski
Expertise:Video-based research and training technology, Research dissemination, Web-Based Outreach, Project Management
Topics: Technology
State: Guam,Iowa,Ohio,Utah,Idaho,Maine,Palau,Texas,Alaska,Hawaii,Kansas,Nevada,Oregon,Alabama,Arizona,Florida,Georgia,Indiana,Montana,Vermont,Wyoming,Arkansas,Colorado,Delaware,Illinois,Kentucky,Maryland,Michigan,Missouri,Nebraska,New York,Oklahoma,Virginia,Louisiana,Minnesota,Tennessee,California,New Jersey,New Mexico,Washington,Connecticut,Mississippi,Puerto Rico,North Dakota,Pennsylvania,Rhode Island,South Dakota,Massachusetts,New Hampshire,American Samoa,North Carolina,South Carolina,US Virgin Islands,District of Columbia,Northern Mariana Islands
Bio: John D. Ossowski is a licensed master social worker in the state of Oregon and holds degrees in mathematics and applied sociology, with training in both qualitative and quantitative research methods. He has over 7 years of experience in academic and social interventions with youth ages 12 – 21. Since January 2014, John has managed projects at the Regional Research Institute for Human Services at Portland State University with a focus on youth and young adults with complex needs. John also manages the development of the Virtual Coaching Platform (VCP), a web-based tool for analyzing video data in service of research and human resource development.