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Johanna Bergan
Name: Johanna Bergan
Title:Executive Director
Expertise:Youth engagement and recruitment, Youth Involvement & Leadership, Communication/Social Marketing, Y-VAL, Evaluation/CQI, Youth voice on governance/advisory boards, Peer support, Transition-aged youth, Creating a new chapter, Conflict Resolution, Cultural & Linguistic Competence, Mental Health, Peer to Peer Support Transition Age Youth, Youth and Young Adult Leadership and Partnership, Policy and advocacy, Strategic planning, Strategic Planning, Systems of Care, Youth voice in treatment services,
Topics: SOC Infrastructure Governance & Collaboration
Youth Involvement & Leadership
Strategic Planning
Cultural & Linguistic Competence
Trauma Informed
State: National
Bio: Johanna serves as the Executive Director and her work keeps her in close contact with Youth MOVE Chapter Member Network, spread across the United States. Ms. Bergan is a youth advocate and a voice for young people in systems, with a special focus on the mental health system. Experience as a young adult and young mother has allowed her to see the need for positive systems change. Through her past work as a board member, Vice President and Membership Committee Chair of Youth MOVE National, Ms. Bergan has found that the most effective change stems from conversation and dialog with individuals with lived experience. Through work with Youth MOVE, she has become an experienced speaker and presenter on the importance of youth voice and input throughout all levels of system change. Johanna's philosophy is that of a whole-being wellness outlook to life for herself, her family, and the community. Pronouns: She, Her, Hers