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Terry Cross
Name: Terry Cross
Title:Principal Investigator
Expertise:Tribal Systems of Care, Indian Child Welfare, Cultural Competence, Trauma Informed OrganizationSystems Change, Culturally Based Services, Sustainability,
Topics: Sustainability
Cultural & Linguistic Competence
State: Utah,Idaho,Maine,Texas,Alaska,Kansas,Nevada,Oregon,Arizona,Florida,Montana,Wyoming,Colorado,Michigan,Nebraska,New York,Oklahoma,Louisiana,Minnesota,California,New Mexico,Washington,Connecticut,Mississippi,North Dakota,Rhode Island,South Dakota,Massachusetts,North Carolina,South Carolina
Bio: Terry L. Cross, “Hah-ne-ga-noh,” PhD, MSW, ACSW, LCWS, is an enrolled member of the Seneca Nation of Indians (Bear Clan). He received his master’s degree in social work from Portland State University (PSU) in Portland, Oregon, in 1977, and in 2015 was awarded an honorary PhD by PSU. He is the founding executive director of and now, senior advisor to the National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA). Terry serves the W.K. Kellogg Foundation as a racial healing practitioner. He is the author of Positive Indian Parenting, Cross-Cultural Skills in Indian Child Welfare and co-authored “Toward a Culturally Competent System of Care,” published by Georgetown University. He is also the author of the Encyclopedia of Social Work entry on cultural competence, an agency cultural competence self-assessment, and several articles and curricula on the topic. He has 43 years of experience in child welfare and children’s mental health and is a licensed clinical social worker. He has organized culturally specific services, training curricula, and technical assistance programs, and has developed culturally based models for social work practice, research, and organizational development. Terry’s highest honor has been to be initiated into the Kenai Chieftain Society by the Blood Tribe of Canada in 1999. In 2011 he received the Robert F. Kennedy Embracing the Legacy Award at the Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston. Terry is a senior fellow of the American Leadership Forum of Oregon, and has served as a presidential appointee on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration National Advisory Council. Terry was recently appointed to the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission.