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Cori Matthew
Name: Cori Matthew
Title:Director of Programs and Policy
Phone:503-222-4044 x146
Expertise:Technical Assistance, Project Management, Implementation planning, Leadership, and wraparound support.
Topics: Wraparound & Other Care Coordination Approaches
State: Alaska,Oregon,Arizona,Montana,Michigan,Nebraska,Oklahoma,California,New Mexico,Washington,South Dakota
Bio: Cori Matthew, MHR (Salish & Blackfeet) will act as Project Director. She has been NICWA’s Director of Programs and Policy since October of 2015 and joined the team with expertise in technical assistance, wraparound support, leadership, and management. Cori earned her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Chapman University, and her master’s degree in Human Relations with an emphasis in counseling from the University of Oklahoma. Cori previously worked for the Native American Youth and Family Center as the Director of Youth and Education Services. She developed, implemented and supervised program services for youth ages 5-24 years old, including programs for LGBTQ youth, oversight and management of budgets, adherence to all contracts, leadership to staff, identifying and addressing youth and family program development, and professional development plans to enhance the ability of the staff to address youth needs. Cori has also worked as a social worker for her tribe, the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe