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Linda Callejas
Name: Linda Callejas
Title:Research Assistant Professor
Expertise:behavioral health disparities, behavioral health equity, cultural and linguistic competence, sociocultural anthropology, Systems of Care, peer support, Natural Helpers, Community Health Workers/Promotores de Salud
Topics: Cultural & Linguistic Competence
State: Ohio,Florida,Indiana,Minnesota,Puerto Rico
Bio: Linda M. Callejas is an anthropologist who conducts research and evaluation in the areas of collaborative community development initiatives, behavioral health disparities, and innovative practices/interventions designed to increase engagement among traditionally underserved populations. She is particularly interested in understanding how aspects of the social environment in urban neighborhoods affect residents’ mental health and well being, particularly in cities experiencing large-scale redevelopment. Dr. Callejas has also done extensive work studying how community residents can provide support and system navigation assistance to better serve their fellow residents in traditionally underserved communities. Her activities in this area include evaluation, training and support for a variety of programs that include natural helpers, peer specialists, promotoras and other community-based workers.