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Janet Walker
Name: Janet Walker
Title:Research Professor
Expertise:youth and young adult engagement and participation in treatment and treatment planning; interventions and programs that promote positive youth development; Wraparound practice, fidelity and quality assurance; supporting and assessing youth, young adult and family voice at all levels of systems of care; assessing system development for collaboration and coordination; stigmatization of youth with serious mental health conditions
Topics: SOC Infrastructure Governance & Collaboration
Wraparound & Other Care Coordination Approaches
State: Utah,Idaho,Alaska,Hawaii,Oregon,Arizona,Florida,Colorado,Kentucky,Maryland,Oklahoma,California,Washington,Pennsylvania,Massachusetts,District of Columbia
Bio: For more than 20 years, I have undertaken research and evaluation studies, and provided training and technical assistance focused on developing, enhancing and sustaining services, supports and systems of care for children, families, youth and young adults. My work has had a particular focus on building theory, developing/specifying interventions and best practices, and creating tools to support implementation for interventions and programs that include a focus on person-centered planning/client-driven practice, strengths-based practice, building “natural support”/support networks, and peer-delivered services and supports. The projects I’ve worked on have consistently aimed to provide findings, guidance and tools that are attractive to stakeholders—including young people and families who receive services or who participate in systems-change efforts, as well as providers, managers and administrators—and that are feasible to implement in real-world, community settings. To forward that aim, my collaborators and I have placed a high priority on including the perspectives of all of these stakeholders in our work, with particular emphasis on the perspectives of the young people and families that are served by mental health, education, child welfare and juvenile justice systems.