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Gwendolyn White
Name: Gwendolyn White
Expertise:technical assistance, transition age youth
Topics: Population/Setting* (REQUIRED FIELD)
Transition Age Youth and Young Adults
State: Pennsylvania
Bio: MS White is a content expert around the transition to independence and successful adaptation of adult roles and responsibilities for youth and young adults with serious mental health conditions and their families. She provides technical assistance to jurisdictions on system reform strategies that involve improved outcomes for youth and young adults of transitional age. MS White is active in national transformation activities, presenting and writing in the field. She has worked developing innovative approaches to mental health service delivery for over thirty-five years for children, young adults and families. Gwen has played many roles in supporting families, youth and young adults in multiple settings and systems including: medical, education, early intervention, child welfare, and behavioral health. Ms. White works as a consultant to the TA Network, providing technical assistance to communities on system reform strategies that involve improving outcomes for youth and young adults of transition age. In October 2014, Ms. White became a part of the staff of the Healthy Transitions Training and Technical Assistance Center at the Center for Applied Research Solutions (CARS). She serves as the Healthy Transitions Team Lead and as the Technical Assistance Liaison supporting the efforts of 16 jurisdictions who received the Now is The Time Healthy Transitions (NITT-HT) awards. Ms. White joined the faculty at Georgetown University, National Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health (NTAC) in 2009. She was the Senior Policy Associate and content specialist on young adults of transition age. From 2009 to 2014 she served as the Project Director for the Healthy Transition Initiative (HTI). As the HTI Project Director, she provided and coordinated technical assistance from a diverse group of content specialists and facilitated training and technical assistance for 7 states. Gwen has a Master’s degree in Social Work and began her career in Pennsylvania where she still lives. She served in a leadership role as the Project Director for three Systems of Care Initiatives, funded by SAMHSA, in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.