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Financing & Sustainability
Resource Rundown  
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Assessment Tools
Readiness for SOC Implementation

Many states, tribes, territories, and communities have recognized a need to assess readiness for System of Care (SOC) implementation.  There are at least three tools that have been developed that can assist in planning and implementation processes by identifying areas of strength and challenge as well as potential technical assistance needs.  


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Watch KSOC-TV 
SAMHSA's KSOC-TV  "Knowledge Network for Systems of Care Television" -- featured a webisode on June 3 on evidence-based practices, addressing the behavioral health needs of young parents and veterans ages 18 to 25. SAMHSA's Gary Blau moderated an expert panel discussion, "Supporting Young Veterans and Young Parents." Click the link to access it, and spread the word. Give feedback on Twitter using #KSOCTV.
What's Trending 
Suzanne Fields joins TA Network
SAMHSA's former Senior Advisor to the Administrator on Health Care Financing joins the TA Network and the Institute for Innovation & Implementation at the University of Maryland's School of Social Work. Suzanne will work closely with states, government agencies, and academic and research institutions by providing technical assistance, leadership, and coordination of policy and finance initiatives.


SOC Snapshot

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The TA Telescope would like to feature systems of care in action. Please e-mail photos and a brief description of your program, facility or agency, and we might feature them in an upcoming issue of the TA Telescope.  You may e-mail us at:  


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Updates from the Network
Welcome to Our First Issue

We are pleased to launch The TA Telescope!  You might already be familiar with the TA Network's weekly newsletter, The Tuesday TA Telegram, which delivers up-to-the-minute information on resources, trainings, grants, and other news of interest to SOC grantees.  The TA Telescope takes a different approach, featuring one important topic and offering in-depth focus from several different angles, reflecting the knowledge hubs of the TA Network. 


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Financial Mapping and Analysis

Finding the Best Strategies

Financial mapping enables stakeholders to identify areas of strength, gaps, duplication, and inefficiencies in spending, as well as disparities and disproportionality in spending and utilization of services. Ultimately, this mapping and analysis supports system builders to identify more effective and efficient use of dollars through development of coordinated cross-agency financing strategies.


By Sheila A. Pires, Human Service Collaborative


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Cultural and Linguistic Competence
Meeting the Needs of a Diverse Population

Having strategies in place for cultural and linguistic competence is often just the beginning. The challenge is often how to sustain the effort, to keep moving forward, to continue to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse population.  


By Katherine Lazear, University of South Florida, et al.

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Family-Run Organizations
Surviving Beyond the Grant's Final Year

A new era of funding is in place for family-run organizations that is much more complex than it has been in the past.  Trying to sustain an organization with just one funding source is a bit like trying to balance on a stool with only one leg: not very successful in the long term.  


By Sandra Spencer, National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health and Jane A. Walker, FREDLA 

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Youth Voice
Keeping the Youth Leadership Chain Unbroken

Just as a leadership succession plan is critical to the future of any organization, having the next generation of youth leaders in place to move up the chain from youth advocates to advocates for youth is vital to maintaining youth voice and to fulfilling the system of care mission.  


By Raphaelle Richardson Alexander, Youth MOVE National  


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Social Marketing
The Million-Dollar Message

A wraparound program in Orange County, FL, is an example of how social marketing can make your organization stronger. The program won millions in local government funding by using social marketing to position itself as a solution to some of its local community's needs. 


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Events and Webinars 
TA Network Offerings
For a full listing of this summer's webinars, office hours, learning exchanges, and other offerings from the TA Network, please click here.
The Georgetown University Training Institutes
The Georgetown University Training Institutes will be held July 16-20 in Washington, DC, and will feature practical "how to" training on systems of care for children, youth, and young adults with mental health challenges and their families. For complete information, click here.

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